Latest News
9 Oct 17: Former Moderator takes up role
October 9th
25 Sep 17: SCHA welcomes new action group on homelessness
September 25th
7 Aug 17: visit to Fresh Start Borders
August 7th
4 Aug 17: Housing minister's reply
August 4th
27 Jun 17: don't just manage homelessness - eradicate it!
June 27th

Who we are

Scottish Churches Housing Action brings together 12 Christian denominations and organisations in Scotland, all with a commitment to ending homelessness.





Read our Annual Review for 2017
and our Directors' Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2017.

Board The Board is made up of a representative of each of our 12 members, plus co-opted members. In addition, there are two Associate Conveners.

Staff There are currently four staff.

Volunteers Volunteers are essential to our work, whether helping plan our activities on the Board and committees, providing office services, or active in their communities. Contact us at if you would like to know more.

Supporters You can join our STARS network; or to keep in touch with what we're doing through our newsletter and e-news, enter your email address in the footer below to sign up. 


  • Convener: Rev Graeme Wilson
  • Vice-Convener: Brian Graham
  • Co-opted members: John Kitson; Graeme Wilson; Rev Muriel Pearson; Liann Weir
  • Associate Conveners: Rt Rev Bruce Cameron; Very Rev Dr Russell Barr
The links below will take you to the relevant organisation's website 
Baptist Union of Scotland vacant
Church of Scotland Peter Donaldson
Evangelical Alliance vacant
Free Church of Scotland Rev Douglas MacKeddie
Iona Community Carrie Gooch
Methodist Church in Scotland David Easson
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) Alistair Trainor
Roman Catholic Church of Scotland Miriam McHardy
Salvation Army Major Steven Turner
Scottish Episcopal Church Joe Cassidy
United Reformed Church Brian Graham
United Free Church of Scotland Rev Ann Purdie


  • Chief Executive and Company Secretary: Alastair Cameron
  • Development Manager, VCT Skills: Diane Beckett
  •  Administrator: Lauren Forbes
  • Finance Manager: Graham Jaques
Map of SCHA's location