Plans for a possible Befriending Project in Paisley for people at risk of or experiencing homelessness have attracted a lot of local interest. The plans are a joint venture between Paisley Abbey and Scottish Churches Housing Action. SCHA Development Manager, Heather Zajac, and Board Finance convener, John Kitson, were encouraged by the response at an initial meeting in the Abbey on Tuesday 4 February. A good cross-section of attendees from local government, the third sector and local churches met together to hear more and discuss ways to take the idea forward. The plan includes provision of a regular drop-in facility, probably weekly to begin with, where vulnerable people could receive support. It’s hoped that there would be sandwiches and hot drinks available, perhaps also clothes, toiletries and some fellowship. We would hope to have representatives from appropriate agencies attending to provide support and advice. Planning will continue following the enthusiasm from all parties at this initial gathering. Our thanks to Margaret Sharp, our host at the Abbey, and to all who attended.