Homelessness – what’s the problem?

Around 30,000 families and individuals in Scotland find themselves homeless each year.

Homelessness includes sleeping rough, but there are a whole lot of people who are homeless who don’t sleep rough. They may be in temporary accommodation, hostels, refuges, or kipping on friends’ sofas or floors. Download our presentation about homelessness and the work of Scottish Churches Housing Action here.

Anyone can become homeless, but it’s a whole lot more likely if:

  • you’re on your own
  • you’re young and inexperienced
  • you have a drink or drug problem
  • you have mental health problems or a learning disability
  • you’ve lived in an institution
  • you’ve experienced abuse
  • you’re unemployed.

“When you give a feast, invite the poor… They cannot pay you back. But God will bless you.”

Luke 14: 13-14



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