Scottish Conservatives main housing promises:

To deliver 60,000 new affordable homes
To invest in making homes and buildings more energy efficient
To increase the threshold for paying Land and Building Transaction Tax
To restore the Help to Buy scheme and introduce a Help to Rent scheme
To deliver a national Housing First Programme

In their manifesto, the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party state that one of their priorities is to “rebuild our communities”; an aspect of this will be addressing housing issues.

In relation to housing, the Scottish Conservatives have promised to:

Restore town centres” by:

  • Relax planning laws to allow for the re-development of long-term unoccupied business properties into good quality housing.


Create “new housing with new services” by:

  • Delivering 60,000 new affordable homes over the parliamentary term, two thirds of which will be social housing.
  • Future proofing new-build housing for easier accessibility adaptations so that older people can stay in their homes for longer.
  • Delivering on the recommendations of the cross-party Tenement Maintenance Working Group which will keep tenements safe, energy efficient and well maintained.
  • Spending £2.5 billion over the next five years on energy efficiency in homes and buildings.
  • Creating a Help to Renovate scheme, supporting owners to make their properties more energy efficient, setting aside a specific Rural Transition Fund.
  • Introducing Compulsory Sales Orders for long-term unoccupied properties.
  • Funding a pilot programme for cooperative housing in Scotland.
  • Working with councils to secure investment in local services from large home developments, in order to make sure that services are available to support an increase in population in communities.


Reduce the costs of buying a home” by:

  • Permanently increasing the threshold for paying Land and Building Transaction Tax (LBTT) too £25,000, resulting in over three quarters of home buyers having to pay no tax.
  • Allowing councils to create their own local LBTT discount schemes.
  • Reviewing the Additional Dwelling Supplement to ensure that families moving home are fairly treated.
  • Restoring funding for the Help to Buy scheme.


Tackle homelessness” by:

  • Eradicating rough sleeping in Scotland by 2026.
  • Investing £10.8 million over the next Parliament to deliver a national Housing First Programme.
  • Introducing a Help to Rent scheme, supporting people who are at risk of homelessness to access and sustain a tenancy in the private rented sector.
  • Conducting the biggest social housing building programme since devolution.


Use “innovation in our recovery” from the pandemic by:

  • Connecting every single home and business property in Scotland to full fibre broadband by 2027.


Make Scotland a land fit for heroes and their families” by:

  • Introducing a specific veterans’ Help to Buy scheme.


Access the full Scottish Conservative manifesto here.