Scottish Labour's main housing promises:

To give everyone the opportunity to have a warm, well-built, affordable home for life

To create a National Housing Agency to end the housing crisis

To guarantee fair rents and improve tenant’s rights in the private sector

To build at least 120,000 over 10 years

To end rough sleeping within the next five years

In their manifesto, the Scottish Labour Party stated that that with them housing will be a “national priority”.


Scottish Labour has promised to:



Improve energy efficiency” by:

  • Introducing a Scotland Bill that gives clarity and includes a commitment to eradicating fuel poverty by 2032.
  • Upgrading all homes to at least an energy efficiency rating of C or higher by 2030, aiming for zero carbon by 2045.
  • Establishing a National Housing Agency to work closely with local authorities and coordinate the roll out of energy efficiency measures.
  • Awarding grant funding to low and middle income households to pay for the upgrades needed to for renewable heat.


Create greener communities” by:

  • Reinstating the ability of public authorities to acquire land at existing use value for social homes.


Make communities “free from poverty and hunger” by:

  • Delivering a minimum of 120,000 zero carbon social homes over the next decade, with an aim of building 200,000 social homes.
  • Encouraging councils and housing associations to purchase existing housing to speed up the growth in supply of social housing.
  • Creating a National Housing Agency, including representation from local authorities and ensuring that the right houses are built in the right areas.
  • Addressing the absence of sufficient, genuinely affordable housing in rural areas.
  • Removing the duty on public bodies to maximise the receipts from land sale, enabling the transfer of land for social housing.
  • Reforming the private rented sector, implementing a Fair Rents Bill to limit rent rises and improve the quality of private rents.
  • Creating a national strategy for housing and disabled persons, including a 10% target for new social housing to be fully accessible.
  • Ending rough sleeping in the next parliament.
  • Bringing forward legislation early in the next parliament which strengthens the legal framework around homelessness prevention.
  • Ensuring Housing First is adequately funded across all local authorities.
  • Implementing the Veterans Housing Pathway, ensuring that service personnel and veteran experience a good transition.


Support rural areas by:

  • Developing a stronger regulatory framework for short term lets, including licensing provisions and taxation of Airbnb


Improve support for estranged students” by:

  • Helping them to meet the cost of living in absence of family help.
  • Exploring the possibility of student guarantor schemes so that students can access housing.


Access the full Scottish Labour manifesto here.