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Church of Scotland Glebe

In common with many remote rural and island locations, Iona has considerable problems with shortage of affordable housing. This is compounded by the tourist demands on the island. In 2003, the Iona Housing Partnership (IHP) identified the glebe, owned by the General Trustees of the Church of Scotland, as a possible site for building new affordable homes, and entered negotiations with them.

Following a housing needs assessment by the Rural Housing Service, a feasibility study and complications over the archaeological significance of the site, Scottish Churches Housing Action supported the community’s bid for the site in 2008 and 2009 through making representations to the General Trustees. The offer was finalised in early 2010, subject to planning permission.

The proposal is for four houses to be built on the glebe. Procurement costs are high, and the Tudor Trust has offered to provide some grant support to bridge the gap between standard allowances and the actual cost.

“We have enjoyed the partnership we have developed with SCHA over the last few years…”

David Wood, Chief Executive, CRNS



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